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Aboriginal Public M&A
Bankruptcy & Restructuring Real Estate
Capital Markets   ¬  Acquisitions & Dispositions
Competition   ¬  Leasing
Environmental   ¬  Real Estate Financing
Intellectual Property   ¬  Real Property Development
International Trade & Investment Law Securities Regulation & Investment Products
Labour Tax
  ¬  Sales & Commodity Taxes
  ¬  Health & Safety   ¬  Tax Disputes
  ¬  Human Rights   ¬  Tax Planning
  ¬  Immigration - Corporate   ¬  Trusts & Estates Planning
Litigation Clean Technology
  ¬  Arbitration Communications
  ¬  Class Actions   ¬  Broadcasting
  ¬  Corporate Commercial Litigation   ¬  Telecommunications
  ¬  IP Litigation   ¬  Oil & Gas
  ¬  Products Liability   ¬  Power
  ¬  Professional Liability Financial Services
  ¬  Public Law   ¬  Regulatory Advice
  ¬  Securities Litigation   ¬  Secured Lending & Project
Outsourcing   ¬  Structured Finance &
Pensions, Benefits & Executive Compensation Health Law
Privacy Hospitality
Private Equity Infrastructure
Private Transactions Life Sciences
Public Companies Mining
  ¬  Continuous Disclosure Municipal Planning
  ¬  Corporate Governance Pharmaceutical


Technology & Licensing
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